Intercom Basics

Intercom is short for Intercommunication. Intercom system is a voice communications system, usually installed in a building or a collection of buildings, functioning independently of the public telephone network. Intercoms can be either permanent like those in buildings and vehicles, or portable like those on race tracks and theatres.

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Types of Electronic Locks

While electronic locks may be the ones that simply involve the passage of electric current, they differ in terms of the way the current is induced.

Magnetic Lock: It is the most basic type of lock wherein a large electromagnet is mounted on the door frame, and a corresponding armature is mounted on the door. When the door is closed, the magnet is powered to let the armature hold fast to the magnet. This implies you’ll need to switch the power off of the magnet to open the door.

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Deadbolt Mechanism

The name might make you wary of going for one, but it’s the kind fixed on the door of your room. The mechanism of a deadbolt involves rotating the lock cylinder to make it move to the open. A door with a deadbolt cannot be easily forced open, unlike those with spring bolt locks.

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The Various Kinds of Doors

A door might be a simple structure carved through a wall to reach the place beyond it, but there are many different kinds of doors to choose from.

Single-leaf door: This is most common type of door with a single rigid panel.
Half door: It is divided in half horizontally, with panels on each part. One can enter by pushing both doors.
Saloon doors: These are similar to half doors, but they are very light, and swing open or close. They’re normally cut off from the bottom.

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